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The Local Store Crisis: A Modern Dilemma

If you think about it, it’s scary how many of our favorite stores have closed over the last decade!

Tuesday Morning · Fry's Electronics · Bed Bath & Beyond · Pier 1 Imports · Family Christian Stores · Stein Mart · and so on..

The Power of Habitual Online Shopping

When we think of shopping online, we tend to go to Amazon first. Mostly for the convenience which we all love!

This convenience, however, is sidelining our cherished local stores, making it harder for them to compete.

The Underdog's Challenge

Local businesses are feeling the heat as they try to match the online presence of giants like Amazon. While some see it as natural competition, the truth is, it's an uneven playing field.

The Domino Effect on Local Economies

The decline of local stores isn't just about closed doors. It's about lost jobs, reduced community spirit, and a shrinking local economic footprint. Our choices, consciously or not, impact the community's heart and soul.

Introducing Yocaal: A Beacon of Hope 💫

Seeing the challenge, we launched Yocaal! Starting as a browser extension, Yocaal seamlessly brings local shopping results from places like Google right to your Amazon page.

It's our way of marrying digital convenience with local business support.

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Everyone Benefits! 🎉

Businesses gain exposure from Amazon's vast audience, while you enjoy savings in both time and money! Experience the convenience of viewing local alternatives directly on Amazon and never miss out on local deals again!

In the long run, Yocaal will be more than a browser extension. This is just the start!

Empowering Local, One Person at a Time

With Yocaal, supporting local businesses becomes effortlessly integrated into your online shopping routine. It's about giving local stores visibility and ensuring they remain a vital part of our communities.

Join us: Be the Change

Digital shopping is here to stay, but our local stores needn't fade away. Yocaal is here to help local stores compete and thrive and we need your support! Follow us on social media and when you're on a desktop or laptop Add Yocaal to your browser .

Together, we can make a difference one person at a time!

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